'Conversations With Max'

As our animal friends pass over a big piece of our Soul is affected.  For some a fragment or even a soul loss occurs.  Each one of us grieves in a different way.  Not one person is alike in this process.  No matter how you react to the situation a loss is a loss.  The void is there.

This card deck was inspired through my own loss and grief.  I had a unique love for our beloved Bernese Mountain dog Max.  My children would tease and laugh that he was the 'favorite' and the most spoiled.

We had and still have a 'Soul connection.'  We clearly knew each other before our meet and greet here on Earth.  He is part of my Soul Family and that I know.  Our time was too short but incredibly impactful.  I questioned why?  What was the meaning of this short visit to Earth?..........

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