OM 'EFT Sessions'

WELCOME to 'EFT' the acronym for 'Emotional Freedom Technique' an energy technique that frees us from negative emotions. 

This simple holistic approach can be used for a variety of issues, to include but not limited to anxiety, depression, ptsd, phobias, pain, and addictions. 

During a session you will learn specific points on the body, primarily the head and face that will be gently tapped on along with a setup phrase and additional words depending on the issue to help clear any energy blockage.  

After a loss we naturally feel sad and depressed especially while in the immediate grieving process.  EFT can help with the emotional loss and suffering.

If you would like to experience an EFT session, or would like more information please email us at where you can connect with Katherine to book an appointment via skype or zoom.

Much Love and Light to you All.