Remembering Our Furry Friends

As the summer comes to an end and I categorize some photos in my phone I realize the enjoyment of looking back at memories past.

The dogs and cat I have had, the times we've shared, the places we have been and the fun photo bloopers I captured.

Although its bitter sweet and for quite some time I found it hard to look through photos of Max and especially could not look at the videos, there comes a point in time that it eases.  Somehow the photos share a warmth with me now and come to life and I realize a smile instead of a tear crosses my face.  For this reason I still share photos of Max on his instagram page Maxmilanthebernese and why not?  He was a charmer and would bring a smile to anyones face.  After all isn't that we should do?  Bring love and smiles to others where you can?  That's him as a puppy in the photo.

So if you are at a stage where you feel you are able to look and enjoy, scroll through your photos and share on a platform of choice in honor of your Soul pet or better still send me a photo with name and I will add to the new page I am creating on this website 'Om to our Soul Pets'.

Much Love and Light to my fellow animal lovers.


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