Timing.....when is the right time for another Pet?

When is the right time to bring a new dog, cat, pet into your home after the loss of another?  For some, immediately.  Others a waiting period. 

For me, two years seems to be the right timing.   I  actually feel that I'm in a good head space to accept another.

After the loss of our first Bernese Mountain dog 'George', it was just over two years before we brought our second Bernese 'Max' into the home.  It felt right. 

Now more than two years after Max has passed I said to my children we could start to gently look.  Now here I sit writing this outside on the grass with our rescue puppy 'Bluebelle'.  The thumbprint photo is of her.  She's now 4 months old, a german shepherd mix, full of love and energy.  The timing has been right.  I know our 'Max' is happy that there will be 'dog' energy in the home again.

Interestingly enough we saw "Bluebelle" at the LA Expo, where I had an 'Omtomax' booth showcasing the "Conversations with Max" card deck and book.  I had said to my two children a couple of months prior that I believed there may well be a dog for us there.  If in fact they saw something that they connected with, I would definitely consider it. 

The Expo was hosting many different adoptions.  Low and behold the first day my daughter Clare saw our puppy and new it was for us.  My son agreed and when I had a break I went over and took a look.  I was wearing my Omtomax t-shirt and when I picked her up she literally turned her head and licked the logo which was of our beautiful dog 'Max'.  Of course, being who I am, that was a sign.  Along with the fact that they believe she was born on February 10th which was when Max passed away from this earthly plane.  

So the planning started......a week later we brought her home.

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