The Places We Go. The Places We See. Without Thee!

Three months have passed since we brought 'Bluebelle' into our home and we are still smitten.  She's intelligent, fun loving, playful and full of puppy love.  She's the new dog on the block and gathers much attention.  Her sometimes fierce look when she's intrigued can bring a passerby to take and second look or walk across the street.  Her ears are standing up, so can look intimidating unless she's super excited and they fold right down.  She's is growing fast and coming along nicely from her earlier days and when we first brought her home.

Bluebelle is now able to go out and about to parks, and places that previously young puppies don't frequent.  I have a beautiful park right next to my home that I would walk 'Max' to every day.  Now the time arrived that I wasn't looking forward to....can I go to the same place with 'Bluebelle?' 

The memories coming flooding back, oh so many.  I had to look at it in a different way.  I cannot stop going to such a wonderful place because of fear of the emotions.  So one day I just did it.  Yes, it was bitter sweet, however, it felt better than I had expected.  The memories felt warm and my heart called out for 'Max' but in a different way.  I know he's in a better place awaiting our next connection. Instead of allowing myself to go down the rabbit hole I brought all the fond memories to the surface and said a 'big thank you' for being able to have that experience with 'Max'.

I didn't think I would ever be able to go to the places that I took 'Max' but slowly I have.  It's been a process for sure.  His favorite place was a trail leading to a dog park, with a pond which has since be newly renovated.  The first time I took Bluebelle she loved it and on our way out there stood a large Bernese Mountain dog just like my 'Max'.  It absolutely brought me to tears yet I know full heartedly it was him appearing telling me he was with us in Spirit.  I went again this last weekend and near the same spot another Bernese Mountain dog appeared that was 5 months old, the same age as Bluebelle.  I was again shocked as in Southern California these dogs are not your typical every day dogs that you see.  It's hot here and with their double coats they prefer the cold.  So I took that to yet again be another sign from Spirit.   Of maybe, just maybe I'm being told my 5 month old Bluebelle is the reincarnation of Max!!!   Who knows... I await more confirmation....but how lucky am I.  

So fellow animal lovers, stay strong in your quest for life after loss.  There are moments of joy that appear along the way, as time passes more will reveal.  

Love and Light to you all.

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