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Pocket Version 'Conversations With Max - Whispers Over The Rainbow Bridge'

Pocket Version 'Conversations With Max - Whispers Over The Rainbow Bridge'

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Have you suffered a Pet loss?  Are you yearning to hear from your departed?  Perhaps an answer to a question?  Your Soul animal wants to communicate with YOU!  This intuitive deck brings words from the Rainbow Bridge.  That special place where our pets reside until we meet them again.   Compiled after the loss of my dog Max, and created with Him, each card holds a message that you are destined to hear and asked to act upon.  So from our hearts to yours, start your journey of Recovery and Healing and enter the World of "Conversations With Max." Please note the Pocket version size 2.5 x 3.5" - 33 photo cards with messages on the back.  
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Pocket Version 'Conversations With Max'

Pocket version of original 'Conversations With Max - Whispers over The Rainbow Bridge' is perfect to carry along with you. The same 33 cards with photo's but with condensed messages on the back of cards.

  • Note: This version does not come with a book. Size 2.5 x 3.5"